R&D Philosophy

Drug discovery entails exorbitant costs and lengthy time to market because it is a trial and error process that results in many failures for each success. Often failures happen at very late stages of clinical development and cause a huge cost and time setback. Coupled with the fact that breakthroughs in basic research have not yet resulted in the creation of many new therapies for patients, the hit and miss nature of the R&D process has led to the “pipeline problem.”

Improving drug discovery and development is not simple but it can and must be done. Our philosophy at Virocan is to mitigate the risk of both early and late development failures. Our innovative discovery methodology identifies probable failures:

1 . Several candidate molecules are developed from molecules that have existing       evidence of physiological activity establishing molecule-disease link.
This method reduces pre-clinical developmental costs.
2. The molecules are cloned in a proprietary platform technology wherein each       drug candidate is novel and patent protected.
3. Validated molecules are tested for safety, efficacy, and “proof-of-concept” in       small scale animal trials using the facilities of collaborative institutes.