About Mission & Methodology.

Our mission is to reduce the length of the drug development process and make novel and biosimilar drugs affordable for patients without compromising on quality. Our strength comes from a business model that exploits the company’s international collaborative research network and a proprietary method of mining various disease databases. We warehouse and mines vast amounts of public domain data and has developed in silico research protocols to precede and validate in vitro drug design and development. Some drug design and development is carried out in USA at contract research organizations (CRO) followed by testing validated molecules for safety, efficacy, and "proof-of-concept" are carried out at Indian Unit. The result is a faster and more efficient drug discovery and biosimilar drug development processes. Based on our network of specialized research collaborations in Canada, Italy, the United States, India,and guided by ethical standards for the benefit of science, we have a number of IND, for anumber of promising drugs at various stages of development with international patents being filed.

Our expertise is in cell-mediated immune-gene therapy and RNA interference. Our expertise led to the development novel biologics and biosimilar drugs against diseases such as cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular and skin diseases. Biosimilars are generic versions of innovative biotech drugs. The ready availability of biological samples and affordable amenities in India translated to speed and cost effectiveness in the development of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) cutting edge cancer therapies such as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell based immunotherapy for cancers. The company's major strength is the identification and validation of drug candidates followed by regulatory approval for drug candidates.