R&D Overview

e do science right, but do we do the right science?
The R&D of pharmaceutical products requires lengthy periods involving a complicated series of steps with a billion dollar price tag – and only a one in 20 chance of success. This results in high drug prices and lack of access to drugs for the majority of the world’s population. It is clear that the present R&D model for pharmaceutical drug research is incompatible with the need to make low cost drugs available to patients.

Virocan is part of an effort to change the prevailing drug R&D paradigm and aims to become a company that is socially conscious of making state of the art drugs available to all patients by keeping the cost of production low. We warehouse and mine large amounts of data already available in the public domain. We have developed in silico research protocols to precede and validate in vitro drug design and development, which makes the drug discovery process faster and more efficient.

We adopt a flexible approach and welcome enquiries from interested parties.
Full compound information summaries are available under confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement.